séance, miniDV to digital, 2017

In this piece, I attempted to switch between the persona of a settler woman and myself speaking on postcolonialism. I do this by taking my costume on and off.

“Occupying the bodies of notable female figures from Peterborough’s history, Calla Durose Moya stages a conversation with the past in order to come to terms with her identity in the present. With volunteer and employment experience in local heritage institutions, Durose Moya has observed first-hand the limits imposed by the colonial lens with regard to a routinely prejudiced and biased version of history. Appropriating the images of settler women for her performance, the artist hopes to invert the trend of Indigenous appropriation and exploitation in both historical and contemporary narratives. Séance is a film that addresses her experience as an emerging artist, archivist, and historian and, in this way, it is both a critique of the systems that perpetuate colonialism and a very personal reflection centred on individual experience.” - Hannah Keating, Artspace