my friend, the don valley, zoom performance, 2020

During time spent in lockdown, I began to pay attention to the rhythms and the symbiotic relationship I held with my immediate environment. My apartment overlooks the Don Valley in Toronto -- I see it everyday, I walk along the bridges that hang over it, I fall asleep and wake up to the sound of its traffic along the Parkway every night and day. At the same time, I began fermenting foods and thinking about the responsibilities of taking care of hundreds of beings living inside my jars. And then I wondered: Can there be a relationship between these acts of existing within my domestic environment?

At the beginning of this video performance, I’m outside with the Don Valley, collecting rain that the Don and I both experience. Inspired by Eleonora Edreva and Leo William’s Family Jewels, I thought about the Don as my other queer co-parent in taking care of a culture of several beings living inside a bottle. I fed my mint plant with the rain I collected, and brought the mint into the fermented tea (kombucha) for its second fermentation. In the second part, I got the kombucha some sun with me, stretching its legs in the warmth.